Profits Enslave the World by Philip Vera Cruz

This poem was written by Philip Vera Cruz and published in the 1992 edition of PHILIP VERA CRUZ: A PERSONAL HISTORY OF FILIPINO IMMIGRANTS AND THE FARMWORKERS MOVEMENT by Craig Scharlin & Lilia V. Villanueva. 

While still across the ocean

I heard about the U.S.A.

So thrilled by wild imagination

I left home through Manila Bay

Then on my way I thought and wondered

Alone what would the future be?

I gambled parental care and love

In search for human liberty.

But beautiful bright pictures painted

Were just half of the whole story…

Reflections of great wealth and power

In the land of slavery.

Minorities in shanty towns, slums…

Disgraceful spots for all to see

In the enviable Garden of Eden,

Land of affluence and poverty.

Since then I was a hungry stray dog,

Too busy to keep myself alive…

It seems equality and freedom

Will never be where billionaires thrive!
A lust for power causes oppression

To rob the poor in senseless greed;

The wealthy few’s excessive profits

Tend to enslave the world in need.