This site takes Filipino Studies outside of the University and into the public domain where it belongs.

I currently teach in the Asian American Studies department at UC Davis.

In the Winter of 2012 I first taught the “Filipino American Experience” course and I am teaching the course now (Spring 2017). You may follow along with the course virtually by listening to the podcasts (which are a bit dated, but I do hope to update them) of some of the lectures and following the syllabus posted under the heading, “Filipino American Experience.” I also taught a Filipino-Mexican migrations course (Winter 2014). The syllabus is posted on this site for those interested in the topic.

If you are interested in topics beyond the scope of the course, you may subscribe for updates by signing up here and by checking out my website.

In addition, this site will also feature a collection of archival material of Filipino-American and Asian-American activism in the University of California (specifically the UC Davis and the UC Santa Barbara campuses) as well as Filipino transnational activism based in the Bay Area. The material from API activism at UC Santa Barbara and from Filipino activism in the Bay draws from my personal engagements in those struggles. You will be able to access this material under “Categories.”


Robyn Magalit Rodriguez


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