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I have been organizing on campuses and in the Filipino community for nearly twenty years. As someone who was probably born to be an academic, I always found it important to keep records of key events I was involved in for posterity’s sake. Most of this stuff has been organized in boxes in my house or office, but now, especially with the resurgent activism taking place on the UC campuses (as inspired by the Occupy Movement) as well as the tremendous growth of Filipino grassroots organizing in the Bay Area and nationally, I think it’s important to get this material out there.

My organizing work began in the 1990s so in many ways, this archive captures a moment of activist history in the API community broadly (and the Filipino community more specifically) that still has yet to be summarized or reflected upon in a sustained or studied way either by activists or academics.

I do hope, however, that activists find the material inspiring and useful. I hope you are better able to historicize our struggles which, at their core, have remained unchanged over the course of the last two decades. I also hope that it sparks ideas about different approaches to organizing that you can apply wherever you are.

For budding scholars, I hope you too are inspired to do the necessary work of excavating more material from this period because it does offer rich repository of lessons and experiences that are perhaps more relevant to today’s context of struggle than earlier periods of activism.

All archival material can be pulled up through a search of “API activism.” Tags on specific topics have been assigned to the material as well.

Please also check out the Bulosan Center’s Welga Archive for more material on Filipino activisms historically.


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